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國際:全裸賣弄色情 Discovery野外真人騷 赤條條求生惹爭議



Discovery頻道最新的野外求生真人騷節目《Naked and Afraid》中,一男一女的全裸鏡頭引起了大眾的輿論。節目制作人澄清節目只是忠於原始求生,絕非刻意賣弄色情。

節目每周都會有一對男女到荒島,無水、無食物及無衣服,赤條條地「求生」21日,節目播出時求生者的重要部位都會模糊化。節目製作人Steve Rankin表示,節目絕對不是賣弄色情或暴露,只是忠於全野外求生的環境。他又指現在有太多真人騷的節目,很難令觀眾相信挑戰者是身陷困境。


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Naked and Afraid

Brave: A contestant goes diving for dinner on Naked and Afraid, which starts on Sunday night

Producer of Discovery show Naked and Afraid claims it is not 'exploitative' to film contestants nude but that it creates a 'pure survival experience'
By Daily Mail Reporter

An executive producer behind new reality show Naked and Afraid - which involves contestants being dropped in the jungle without food, water or clothing - has said that nudity on the program was never mean to be 'exploitative'.

Each week, a new pair of complete strangers - one man and one woman - find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to some of the world's most extreme weather environments.

An executive producer on the Discovery show, which started last Sunday, explained that the nudity on the show is not exploitative but merely part of creating a realistic wilderness experience.

When asked if she thought that nudity would get more people watching the show, Discovery producer Denise Contis told salon.com: 'Well, we didn’t develop the show to be exploitative, ever.

'We always developed it with our filter being ''how do we protect and it make it a pure survival experience?'''

The contestants private parts are blurred when the show is broadcast.

Naked and Afraid is billed as taking 'survival of the fittest' to the next level - and dubbed 'the Everest of survival challenges'.

Each duo is left high and dry with no food, no water and and no clothes. They must survive on their own for a full 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each.

According to Ms Contis, no one brought clothing as their item but preferred practical items such as a small cup, machete and goggles.

The dramatic trailer says that humans can only go three days without water - with the human body beginning to shut down after three weeks without food.

And contestants are seen desperately scrambling for something to eat, with one woman seen killing a fish as her partner yells 'chop its head off', as tells it 'you're my dinner'.

While another kills a snake, telling the camera: 'It will still bite you even though I cut its damn head off.'

The contestants are: Shane Lewis, 40, an electrician from Connecticut who has backpacked around the world. He grew up in foster care and had to adapt to constantly-changing living circumstances.

He took off midway through his college education to backpack across the world and has now been to over seventy countries.

Shane's teamed up with student Kim Shelton, 22, from Minnesota, who grew up in England but spent every summer in remote Minnesota and has been to wilderness awareness school for two years

EJ Snyder, 46, from North Carolina, is a military and survival expert who joined the military aged 19 and is now retired.

He's paired up with Kellie Nightlinger, 38, an adventure guide from Alaska, who worked in law enforcement and as a rock minor. She is now a guide for glacier and whale watching adventures - and once survived in the Everglades for a week by herself, even being harpooned by an alligator.

Jonathan Klay, 36, a former Marine and bodyguard from LA joined Alison Teal, a 27-year-old surfer and filmmaker from Hawaii who currently lives in a Robinson Crusoe-style grass hut that she built with her parents over the last 20 years.

Survival instructor and country and western singer-songwriter Clint Jivoin, 24, from Indiana, says that ninety percent of his diet comes from his own hunting and wild edible plants; however, he is adamant in his disdain for sport hunting: 'Disgusting and despicable; if you kill it, then you’d better eat it.'

And Clint was teamed up with Laura Zerra, 27, from New Hampshire, a taxidermist and survival instructor, who has a love of danger and has hitchhiked her way around Mexico.

Billy Berger, 39, a writer from Georgia who loves deer hunting joins Ky Furneaux, a 39-year-old award-winning stuntwoman from LA, who grew up in the Australian Outback - and who vowed to spend most of her time outside after breaking her back in a car accident.

Tattoo artist Puma Cabra, 38, from Nevada, was a professional snowboarder and could then disappear for multiple days with nothing but his knife and his knowledge. He has encountered mountain lions and pulled himself out of six avalanches.

He joins Julie Wright, 30, a wilderness instructor from Washington, who has happily lived off the land.

‘I’m an ultimate survivalist,’ Kellie Nightlinger, 38, told the Daily News.

Nightlinger said she had been starving after spending two weeks in the wild when she devised an innovative way to catch fish using her private parts as bait and then trapping her meal between her legs.

‘We needed something with protein and because the water was so muddy, traditional fishing methods wouldn’t work, so I had to improvise, adapt and overcome,’ said Nightlinger.

During the night time, the female survivalist and her partner on the show, E.J. Snyder, a retired Army veteran, used a fire that they lit by rubbing sticks together to keep hyenas away.

‘They were frightening, but at least they seemed to be afraid of fire,’ she told the Daily News, as EJ is seen to see hyena paw prints, adding: 'This is a hyena print, if there's one, there's more.

Other episodes of ‘Naked and Afraid’, featuring different nude paired up strangers, have been filmed in Panama, Costa Rica, the Maldives and Borneo.

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